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Breast Unit Guidelines

The requirements of a specialist breast unit

8. Associated services and non-core personnel

These are services for which it cannot be expected that staff will spend the majority of their time on breast disease.


Extra Psychological Support
If the patient is experiencing psychological morbidity that can not be dealt with effectively by members (usually breast care nurse or phsyco-oncologist) of the Unit team, she should be referred to a psychiatrist with whom there are particular arrangements to see breast patients for the breast Unit (non-core team member).


Plastic Surgeon
The Breast Unit should make arrangement with one or two nominated plastic surgeons with a special interest in breast reconstructive and recontouring techniques.


Women seeking advice with regard to risk, e.g., family history, must be able to receive advice from the Breast team, which must include a clinical geneticist with a specialist interest in breast cancer (see 7.9).


Palliative Care
A specialist palliative care service must be available for the referral of patients with advanced breast cancer. A close working relationship must be established between members of the Breast Unit (especially the breast care nurse) and the palliative care service to ensure that breakdowns in continuity of care do not occur and also with the local network for home assistance.


There must be provision for a Prosthesis fitting service within the unit.


Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema
An identified Physiotherapist or a Breast Care Nurse for the treatment of lymphoedema and late sequeale.


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San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. 5th-9th December 2017 , San Antonio,Texas,USA

San Antonio
Breast Cancer Symposium
5th-9th December 2017
San Antonio,Texas,USA

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