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History and Achievements

The History of EUSOMA

The European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists was founded in Budapest in 1986 by a group of specialists in breast cancer, including Professor Veronesi (the Honorary President), to address the problems and requirements that exist in the area of breast disease. 

Between 1986 and 1990 EUSOMA's members held informal discussions about different aspects of breast disease; there were no formal meetings during this time and these discussions did not result in the publication of any articles.

The Society's activities began in earnest in 1991. In the early years, EUSOMA organised consensus conferences and scientific meetings that resulted in the publication of articles in the Breast and other journals. Details of these events and the resulting publications are listed in past EUSOMA events in the events section of this site.

Since 1998 EUSOMA has organised a series of multidisciplinary workshops where experts meet to express their opinions and draw up referring documents on different aspects of breast disease. These documents result in the publication of guidelines in the European Journal of Cancer, the Society's official journal. In addition to this, EUSOMA is one of the three societies that organise the European Breast Cancer Conferences that are held every other year.

List of Eusoma Presidents from the foundation of the Society

Prof. U. Veronesi
(Milan - I)

PRESIDENT 1990-1996
Dr. E. Van der Schueren
(Leuven - B)

PRESIDENT 1996-1998
Prof. L. Cataliotti
(Firenze - I)

PRESIDENT 1998-2007
Dr. M. Rosselli del Turco
(Firenze - I)

PRESIDENT 2007-2010
Dr. R. Wilson
(London- UK)

PRESIDENT 2011-2014
Prof. R. Mansel
(Cardiff - UK)


EUSOMA's Achievements

  • The European Breast Cancer Conferences (EBCCs) that EUSOMA (together with Europa Donna and the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer - Breast Cancer Group) organises have resulted in statements on key aspects of breast disease, setting the agenda for future actions of the three organising societies:
    - The Florence Statement agreed at EBCC-1 in 1998
    - The Brussels Statement agreed at EBCC-2 in 2000
    - The Barcelona Declaration agreed at EBCC-3 in 2002
    - The Hamburg Statement agreed at EBCC-4 in 2004 (PDF 191 KB)
    - The Nice Manifesto agreed at EBCC-5 in 2006 (PDF 28 KB)

  • The Manifesto launched at EBCC9 in 2014
    Optimal breast cancer pathology manifesto
    T. Tot, G. Viale, E. Rutgers, E. Bergsten-Nordstrom, and A. Costa
    European Journal of Cancer, volume 51, issue 16, November 2015

  • The documents that are drawn up during EUSOMA's regular workshops by specialists in different areas of oncology become referring guidelines that lead to higher standards in breast health care throughout Europe. Other scientific articles have been produced by EUSOMA members following consensus conferences and scientific meetings held in the past.

  • The work of EUSOMA ultimately results in improved methods in the management of breast disease.


San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. 5th-9th December 2017 , San Antonio,Texas,USA

San Antonio
Breast Cancer Symposium
5th-9th December 2017
San Antonio,Texas,USA

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