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EUSOMA has identified that diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, and in particular breast cancer, are approached in widely different ways across Europe. Furthermore, EUSOMA has uncovered an urgent need to provide a channel for a wider diffusion of basic research programmes either by way of screening the population or through education and information.

EUSOMA's four main aims were developed in response to the problems and requirements that exist in the area of breast disease. EUSOMA aims to:

  • promote scientific research and increase contacts between scientists and health care professionals interested in breast diseases, and in particular in breast cancer.

  • improve and standardise the level of patient care throughout Europe by identifying the most suitable screening, diagnostic, treatment and support procedures and promoting their use, making available for all women in Europe a high quality specialist Breast Service, defining the standards for such a service and contributing to the process of accreditation/certification and audit of Breast Centres.

  • bring these to the attention of the appropriate Authorities.

  • foster training and post-graduate programmes in breast disease at national and international levels.


EUSOMA, together with The Breast Cancer Group of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC-BCG) and the European Breast Cancer Coalition (Europa Donna), organises a European Breast Cancer Conference every two years, where European experts meet to discuss key issues in breast cancer research, treatment, prevention and advocacy, aiming to reach a final consensus.

In addition to this, EUSOMA regularly organises workshops on many different aspects of breast disease where specialists in different areas in oncology meet to discuss and draw up documents with the aim of providing quality assurance in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

The activities of the Society will cover the following areas:
Epidemiology and Prevention, Biology and Immunology, Diagnosis and Screening, Pathology and Genetics, Loco-regional and Systemic Treatment, Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Patient Support. 


San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. 5th-9th December 2017 , San Antonio,Texas,USA

San Antonio
Breast Cancer Symposium
5th-9th December 2017
San Antonio,Texas,USA

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